Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It has been a little bit, hasn't it, world? I have not posted any new content lately, due to a few reasons. I have been unhappy with my inability to plan my outings. Even when +Jake Johnson extended an invitation my way to go shoot the sunset, I was unable to make it. It seems as though I am always busy. This has to change. This will change.

I have been exploring a lifestyle change as well. Minimalism. Due to such, my wife and I have been purging a lot of our possessions. This is another reason that I have been unable to go out on shoots. I am hoping that by being busy now, I will make room for life in the near and distant future.

With this ideal of minimalism, I have been exploring minimalistic photography. I am quite intrigued. I always have been. Monochrome photography has always held a special place in me; I am always drawn to it. Now, I am determined to explore it.

And with that, I give you my first published monochrome photograph. It is definitely not "minimalistic," per se. It is, however, darling. At some point, my two year-old daughter was on the bathroom counter, and planted a big wet one on herself. Neither of us can figure out when she did it, but she did.