Monday, February 25, 2013


DOMA Coffee Roasters' Virgil's Organic Blend roast. A robust melody of burnt marshmallows and firewood, charring and beating your taste buds into submission.

As a foodie, edibles and drinkables are an integral part of my life. Homemade sweets and treats are nearly an every day thing for me. I am fortunate enough to have my own personal chef in the form of my wife. I have her to thank for my love of crack coffee. When we met four years ago, I didn't even know how to order coffee at a shoppe, much less knew how to drink it. Now, it seems, I am the one with a lot of the knowledge and influence in the coffee region.

We get only fresh-roasted coffee. That coffee has to be Fair Trade and Organic. We keep a log that tracks what temperature we brew it at, how many mL of water and how many grams of beans used, what grind setting we use, aroma and flavour profiles, etc. We use a Chemex to extract every last bit of flavour from the bean. We have learnt to slurp properly in order that the flavours and aromas disperse evenly across our pallets. We frown on drip machines and franchise coffees. We insist on the best.

coffee snob   \ˈkȯ-fē, ˈkä-\ \ˈsnäb\ 
: one who micromanages the minute details of the origin, the roasting, the preparation, and the experience of all or most things coffee-related

So you can imagine why a lot of my photography is food-related. This is a path I am taking that may end up serving a very important role. However, I cannot see myself not enjoying any type of photography. I am currently planning a trip down to Mt. Rainier to snap some shots.

DOMA Coffee Roasters is based out of Post Falls, ID. We first fell in love with their Ürth and The Chronic blended roasts, when we spotted their bags at the Boise Co-Op in our hometown of Boise, ID before moving to the Seattle area. DOMA quickly became our introduction into coffee snobbery, spawning our purchase of a press pot. When that broke, we traded an old camera body for an espresso machine. When our skills surpassed the cheap espresso machine, we found the Chemex. Now, thanks to the Chemex, we can enjoy coffee in its truest, blackest form.

Do expect more foodtography from me. However, also expect to see some videography, astrophotography, and more landscape. I will be receiving tomorrow my polarized filter (finally!), which will definitely help me get the shots that I have sometimes struggled to get.

You can see the rest of my Foodtography photos at my Google+ album seen here.

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